Visas granted to Indian students on the increase

The ABC reports that the number of Indian students coming to Australia is rapidly rising with the number of higher education visa applications lodged by students in India to study in Australia more than doubling from 1,987 to 4,148 in the year to September 2013.

India’s growing economy has pulled hundreds of millions of people into the middle class and has given them the means and the drive to pursue higher education, reports the ABC.

“Students are no longer just going to Australia seeking permanent residency, they are actually going there to get a quality education,” Rhian Thomas, group vice president at The Chopras education services company in New Delhi, said.

The report notes that the standard of Indian universities varies, many offer poor quality courses – for example of the half a million students who graduate from engineering degrees in India each year, only 20 per cent have the skills to be employed in the sector.

Ms Thomas says while many students may not want to study in India, they do plan to move back there eventually.

“You will also find a very large segment of the Indian student population who are looking to go overseas and then go on looking to just get one or two years work experience before coming back and implementing those skills either in the family business… or use those skills in some other way, shape or form in their career here in India,” she said.


Grant rate of student visa applications decided in the three month period between 1 July 2013 and 30 September 2013 by citizenship country and client location.