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New Visa Charges for 1 July 2013

Australian visa label

New visa pricing arrangements will be introduced on 1 July 2013. This will change visa application charges from a single charge at the time of application to a charge per applicant in an individual or combined application.  This change will obviously affect not only new visa applicants but also temporary visa holders hugely.


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FAQ on Employing non-Australian citizens

Visa Entitlement VerificationIt is the responsibility of all businesses to employ legal workers. Legal workers are Australian citizens, permanent residents and non-citizens with Australian visas that allow them to work.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship provides a free online service so organisations can check if people are allowed to work. The following frequently asked questions may help businesses understand how to hire legal workers. Read more »

Strengthening the integrity of the 457 program

457 visaOn 23 February 2013, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced a number of reforms to the subclass 457 program. These reforms are aimed at strengthening the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s capacity to identify and prevent employer practices that are not in keeping with the criteria of the subclass 457 program.

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Employment outcomes for skilled migrants

Employment advertisementThe unemployment rate of skilled migrants was just 5 per cent (a figure below the 5.7 per cent national unemployment rate) and their participation rate was 95 per cent. The vast majority of skilled migrants have therefore in a short period of time become active participants in the Australian labour market. The positive impact that this has on the workforce becomes more evident when one considers that only 65 per cent of Australia’s working age population are actually in the workforce.

Males performed better in the labour market than females. Although males and females had comparable unemployment and participation rates and a similar chance of finding skilled work there was a large earning differential – with males having full-time earnings that were almost $12,000 more than females. Read more »

Introduction of the Visa Evidence Charge

Australian visa labelFrom 24 November 2012, visa holders will need to pay a Visa Evidence Charge (VEC) of $70 AUD to have a visa label placed in their passport. The charge is being introduced as part of the user-pays initiatives and to encourage the use of online immigration services.

Do I need a visa label in my passport?

No. Australian authorities do not require a visa label in your passport to travel to, or enter or remain in Australia. All Australia bound international commercial airlines and cruise ships are required to verify with Australian authorities that you have an Australian visa before you travel to Australia. Information on your visa status and entitlements is available on the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system. Read more »

Australia’s Multicultural Policy

Photo: The People of AustraliaFact Sheet 6 – Australia’s Multicultural Policy is produced by the National Communications Branch, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, and last reviewed in October 2012.

Multicultural is a term that describes the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australian society. Cultural and linguistic diversity was a feature of life for the first Australians, well before European settlement. It remains a feature of modern Australian life, and it continues to give us distinct social, cultural and economic advantage. Read more »

Changes to Australian visa service delivery in China

National flags of Australia and ChinaFrom 10 September 2012 the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is changing the way immigration services will be delivered in China.

The two key changes include:
1. Introduction of Australian Visa Application Centres (AVACs) in Beijing and Shanghai
2. Changes to visa processing locations.

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